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My Second Day

This week, a lot of things didn’t go as planned.

  1. Our car broke, so my mom had to borrow my grandmother’s car to do deliveries. On one of her deliveries, someone came up to her and thought she was their Uber driver. Hehe.

  2. I thought I didn’t have school on Friday. But I did. Oopsies. So I learned how to speed up some of the baking process by making the dough the night before.

  3. Our mixer broke, so my mom borrowed one from Auntie C. That was really nice of Auntie C, so I gave her some buns to say thank you.

Some of the feedback was that the buns were “doughy” so I baked them 1 minute longer. I also did a double egg wash on the Pineapple buns and I heard they were crunchy and “da bomb.”

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