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Free Mantous! #StopAAPIHate

Recently, there has been a surge of Anti-Asian hate crimes in our community. Just last week, Xiao Zhen Xie was brutally punched in the face while waiting to cross San Francisco's Market Street. And, at the beginning of March, there were a group of shootings in Atlanta that murdered 8 women- 6 of Asian descent. As an Asian-American myself, I would like to make a change and speak up against this cause. I will be giving out 8 free mantou (steamed buns), which will come frozen for every $5 donated to #StopAAPIHate. To eat, leave them out at room temperature for 2-3 hours to defrost and rise to 1.5x its original size. Steam the mantou over medium heat for 10 minutes and serve warm. Enjoy!

Here is the link if you are interested!

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