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I got another opportunity to sell some of my baos at Williams Sonoma! I tried making a new flavor this time: a honey-glazed milk bao, which turned out really well! I made a batch of milk dough, and then brushed a generous amount of honey glaze over it. It's not overly sweet and has a subtle honey-like aroma (yum!) I also made chocolate and bolo baos, where I slightly changed the recipe in order to apply my customer's feedback at Williams Sonoma from last time. They came out softer and fluffier, even though I had to bake the baos a day before. I almost sold out- there were only two baos left by the end of the afternoon. 10% of my profits went to Second Harvest and the other 10% went UNICEF to support the children in Ukraine.

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  • Writer's pictureAnnabel Yen

I had a blast today with my sister at Williams Sonoma! I am so grateful for this opportunity- I was able to expand my business, interact with a lot more customers, and received tons of feedback! I made over 80 baos in my most popular flavors: classic, chocolate, and bolo (pineapple), and was able to sell out! As always, 10% of the profits that I earned today will go to Second Harvest.

(we asked permission to take these pictures w/o a mask on)

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My mom also shared my mantou project on Facebook to raise more awareness about Anti-Asian hate to the rest of our community. So far, we've been able to raise $430 for #StopAAPIHate! I had a busy two weeks making, shaping, and delivering over 330 mantous! Besides making mantous, I've also had a few bao orders that I handed out. I also got an invite this summer for a pop-up at Williams Sonoma to sell some of my baos!

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